just finished my CI last week and I thought I'd pass along how very impressed the A&P was with your VERY clean engine installation work.


Burrall Sanders and his team did a excellent job with a multitude of upgrades and repairs at a very reasonable price. That is the type of thing you get with multiple professionals looking at the aircraft.

The result is a modern/easily expandable avionics architecture with a beautiful carbon-fiber instrument panel . I would recommend Freeflight Composites for anyone interested in improving the condition of their aircraft, but with limited capacity to perform it personally.

— RJ Long EZ

RJ's new Panel

I want to thank Burrall, his son Sean, and the rest of the crew at FreeFlight Composites for all the work they did on my Velocity after it suffered a main gear collapse on landing at KBJC. I am very pleased with the work and the results. The plane now looks great and is flying again. I will go back to Burrall for any future work needed.

After the incident, they immediately told me not to worry, that they would handle getting the plane to their shop and doing the repairs. Within 2 days they came over, took off the wings, and arranged for a special tow truck back to their shop. They handled doing all the repairs to the bottom of the cowling, handled the paint job, and handled other repairs, including the main gear, as we waited for the engine. They took out and later re-installed the engine that needed a prop strike inspection, which was a complicated job due to the size of the TSIO-550 engine.

Burrall always replied quickly to text messages, emails, and calls throughout the repair process.

Thanks Burrall!
— -Cecil--Velocity TXL

I must say that both airplanes Look guys are true masters of the craft. The work on my Q1 and Glassair is top notch. Please give my regards to Sean and his team.
— Mark---Rome Italy

Burrall and his crew demonstrated a very professional approach to reworking my aircraft and I was impressed with how quickly they fabricated new FG parts, repaired existing components, and identified items which were not within acceptable standards. I now have backup systems for critical functions and a very nice IFR certified glass cockpit for my flights. As I am a professional project manager they also demonstrated exceptional customer support with my weekly status meetings and never ending changes to the work to be accomplished. We ended up with over 30 items being repaired, replaced, or added to bring this aircraft up to standards. My only regret is that Colorado is 1600 NM from Maine and they are not more accessible. I greatly appreciate the work Burrall and his very friendly teams performed and highly recommend them to anyone who needs work done on their aircraft.”

— Mark Cozy Pilot

“Thanks for all the hard work you and your team are doing to get my airplane in flying condition. Workmanship is superb.”
— Chuck - Long-EZ

world-class craftsmanship and service that go above and beyond - Burrall Sanders and his crew at Freeflight Composites returned my plane to brand new condition -November 2013

I’m sure that as a non-builder, owner-operator, every CI is going to be another learning experience for me and I appreciate the FreeFlight folks’ attitude toward builder assisted repair/maintenance work on my plane. They are very patient and full of good info, a valuable combination ;-)-June 2014
— Damon Cozy III

Thanks so much for your support on the sale. I’m certain I couldn’t have done it on my own.
— d'Armond Cozy MKIV

. Special thanks to All the crew at FreeFlight Composites (KFLY) for their expertise, guidance, patience and great customer service. I will be a continual client/customer.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     --Randy,  Long-EZ