A New Long-EZ

Over the years I have taken some heat for not having a Long-EZ featured on my website.  Well, finally there is one to feature.  I am happy to feature Excalibur, a new Long-Ez featured in the Aircraft section of the website.

And here is a Video of Excalibur both in the making and in flight-test action...


Wild West Tour


I recently had the opportunity to team up with two friends and two airplanes (my CozyIIIx piloted by Larry and Chris) and a very nice 360 Berkut piloted by yours truly.

The stated purpose of the trip was to attend the Experimental Fly-in at Mojave.   Weather in Colorado forced us to leave early and go home late so a quick weekend trip evolved into an impromptu tour encompassing 6 states in six days.    We had a ton of fun flying to and visiting various places and meeting up with friends like RJ.   Chris Woodard produced a really terrific video that captures the feel.  Most of the air to air was filmed by Chris from my Cozy.  Please enjoy. 

Here is the reason to build and fly these planes:

Freeflight Composites, LLC