The Krossfire, the Berkut 540, and the Cozy are based on the famous Burt Rutan design, the Long-EZ.  They have widely admired flying qualities and safe stalling characteristics.  They are also highly efficient and affordable to own and maintain. Equipped with modern avionics suites which include powerful auto pilots, these custom aircraft provide a very high level of utility and safety.  They meet or exceed the performance and comfort of any manufactured piston single available in America, at far lower acquisition and ownership costs.


Specializing in a full range of services for composite aircraft, Freeflight Composites is a small, focused company established in 2003. With a proven track record, Freeflight Composites has become a recognized leader in composite aircraft construction, modification, maintenance and customization.  The company operations are based on transparency and integrity. Highly trained professionals and experienced craftsmen combine the latest aviation technology with award winning workmanship.  Freeflight Composites works with clients to produce beautifully detailed and useful aircraft for those who wish to own the finest flying, best equipped, and most personalized aircraft.


  • Authorized Cozy service center
  • Condition inspections
  • Pre-purchase inspections
  • Avionics upgrades
  • Fully customized air-frames
  • Builder assistance
  • Speed and performance upgrades
  • Prefabricated parts 
  •    Cowlings
  •    Gear leg fairings
  •    Engine cooling baffling
  •    Gear leg repair fixtures
  • Mobile builder assistance and emergency  repairs
  • Aircraft transportation and retrieval